New Beginnings - Pt 3 Ch 03

It was almost like fucking a different girl.

"Oh, fuck!" Dani groaned, already halfway to an orgasm. "I always get so horny this time of the month. I’m glad you don’t mind taking care of me when I’m like this…"

"Your arousal means your body wants to be pregnant," Jonathan whispered into her ear. "Why don’t you let this one take? I’ve heard of implants and I know how they work."

"It’ll take a month for my body to return to normal," Dani whispered back. "But I think I’d love to have your child…"

"Does that mean you love me?" Jonathan teased.

Dani bit his ear in reply. "Don’t press your luck… We’ll see, okay?"

The boat caught in an eddy and began turning more rapidly.

"Is something on the line?" Dani asked, unable to see how slack or taut the poles were from her position in the bottom of the boat. "I hope it’s big enough for two…"

"Just the current," Jonathan replied, looking around for a few seconds.

Pulling her arms around his neck, he kissed the small tattoo on the inside of her wrist. He couldn’t see it in the dark, but he knew it was there – a pair of canine eyes over a short black nose and under a pair of large, pointy ears, completely surrounded by a long red tail with a white tip. He lowered himself down to flatten her breasts against his chest, squishing his cock deeper inside her warm, feminine body and began thrusting in and out of her.

After a few minutes, Dani began to twitch more regularly in response to his movements. Then a tiny high-pitched sound, along with her pelvis shoving him up into the air announced Dani’s orgasm. Her rump slapped against the damp bottom of the boat as she collapsed in the aftermath. Jonathan made three more powerful thrusts into her sopping wet pussy, then spasmed a half dozen times as he sprayed her insides with his cum.

Dani shoved him sideways as he collapsed down on top of her, then pulled his arm up over her face to kiss and gently lick from his wrist to his elbow to let him know that, while she didn’t particularly want him lying on top of and squashing her, she was more that glad he was there.

"That was nice," she whispered quietly, her gaze returning to the always fascinating light display high above them.

"Um-hum," Jonathan agreed, enjoying the feel of his wet, sticky dick slowly shrinking along her thigh.

He watched her breasts gleaming in the light from the night sky for a few minutes, amazed at how perfectly shaped a woman’s breasts were. No matter what size they were, breasts were shaped to attract the male of the species. Skinny women, fat women; they all had attractive breasts. But Dani wasn’t thin or fat; she was lean and well muscled, in a feminine sort of way, and her reflexes were as fast as his own.

"Want to go for a swim?" he asked, sitting up and looking around. "We’re far enough from shore so that we can dive if you want."

Pulling herself upright, Dani took a deep breath of the pungent, heavily scented air surrounding her. "We should, shouldn’t we?" she laughed. "I think we need to wash out the boat, too!"

"You can wash out the boat," Jonathan laughed. "I want to wash out you!"

"You already did, you pervert!" Dani laughed, then squealed as Jonathan leaped over the side, causing the boat to lurch wildly.

Climbing unsteadily to her feet in the rocking rowboat, Dani jumped into the cool mountain lake water, holding her breath against the desire to gasp at the incredible awakening sensation. She loved being underwater, even at night. There was something so erotic about being completely surrounded by liquid…

As she floated serenely up toward the surface, she tilted her head upward and marveled at the distorted image of the moon and the aurora. She squealed her breath out as strong arms wrapped themselves around her from behind, one arm tightly around her narrow waist and one arm across her upper chest with that hand firmly attached to a breast.

Then her head was above water again. Dani sucked in a deep breath, knowing Jonathan would pull her right back under. He did. Then he turned her around in his grasp and their legs kicked together for a moment as he held her tightly against him under the water.

Breaching the surface again, Dani laughingly cried, "Stop! You’re drowning me!"

He pulled her under once more, then let her go with a hefty shove toward the surface. A moment later, his head popped up as he joined her and they simply gazed at each other in the light from the night sky like young lovers have gazed at each other for as long as there had been young lovers.

"Yes," she said simply.

"Yes, what?" Jonathan asked, hoping he knew what she meant.

"Yes, I love you," Dani replied, then splashed at him when his head slowly sank below the surface while he made bubbling sounds with his mouth.

Then leaping on him with both hands on his shoulders, she shoved him down into the water as far as she could. When he was beyond arms reach, she found him with her legs and shoved him down further with her feet with enough power to raise her out of the water up to her waist. She sank back down into the dark water as her weight shoved him down even deeper.

Thirty seconds went by and Jonathan didn’t come up. A minute – then fifteen more seconds.

"Jonathan?" Dani called out, frightened, now.

"Where are you? Don’t go playing tricks on MEEE-Glub…"

A hand grabbed her foot and pulled Dani down. Then both heads were bobbing in the dark water, one laughing and one choking.

"I’m sorry, Darling, but you deserved…"

"You bast-Cough-Cough-Gag!"

"Are you all right?" Jonathan asked, knowing the trouble he would be in if he didn’t started acting concerned.

"Yes!" Dani gasped. "No! You nearly drowned me!"

"I’m sorry, Sweetheart," Jonathan apologized again. "But you make such a beautiful target…"

"I’m sure (cough) I do," Dani replied, swallowing rapidly. "But now, I think I want back in the boat. I’m clean enough for tonight!"

Looking around, they realized they couldn’t see the boat. The moon was behind some clouds and those same clouds hid the dancing lights of the aurora, as well.

"You go that way," Jonathan pointed, as he started in another direction. "Swim in a circle and yell if you find anything."

Not answering, Dani paddled in the direction he’d pointed, listening to Jonathan’s powerful strokes as he swam away from her. Although she wasn’t a really good swimmer, she hadn’t really been worried about drowning, earlier – her physical constitution would enable her revival even after a half-hour underwater with no air. She’d recovered from that once before, although it hadn’t been pleasant. When you get water in your lungs, it really hurts!

After a few more minutes, the clouds passed overhead and the surface became more reflective. That didn’t really help much because of the shadowy mountains looming over the lake. The red glow of the distant volcano helped Dani to stay oriented, but she was having no luck finding the damned rowboat. Plus, she had swum so far she no longer knew where Jonathan was, either.

"Marco…" she called out softly, not really expecting an answer.

She didn’t get one. She sighed and twisted around another three-sixty bobbing upward as high as she could, hoping to see the dark outline of their lost little rowboat.

Nothing. Crap. Shadows.

Casting out with her mind this time, she located Jonathan. He was a long ways from her by now – not so much in mileage, but it would take a long time to swim to where he was.

‘What the hell,’ she thought to herself, suddenly realizing, ‘I can look for the goddamned boat like this!’

Creating an image in her mind, she quickly found the boat. It was as far away from both of them as they were from each other. Laughing tiredly, she created an image of its location in Jonathan’s mind and felt him turn to swim toward it. She began paddling in the same direction – out toward the center of the lake and the ghostly sphere that always vanished when they got too close. They’d both decided that it was a mirage, probably caused by an underwater steam vent or some volcanic thing like that.

Another ten minutes of switching off between paddling and floating on her back to rest brought Dani within sight of the boat. Jonathan was already aboard and rowing toward her. How he knew where she was, she had no idea, but she was really glad to see him. Despite her constant swimming, she was getting really cold.

She could barely raise an exhausted arm up so that Jonathan could haul her tired tail end aboard. She lay with her head and legs supported by two wooden seats while water pooled around her butt in the bottom of the boat for several minutes while Jonathan rested, sitting more properly upright on the center seat.

Gazing up into the brilliantly lit night sky once again, she suddenly realized how lost she felt. She was almost eighty years old and had the body of a teenager and she had no real idea how that had happened – only that she’d spent most of her life searching for the illusive magical girl who had given her that gift. Instead, she’d found Jonathan.

It wasn’t Jonathan she’d been seeking, although she’d settled for him because he was like her with the single difference that he’d been born with his special gifts. Only now, out in the middle of this vast, lonely lake was she ready to admit that, although she knew most of the people on this planet were dead by now, she believed that the special girl she sought still lived.

"How the fuck do I find her?" she asked herself out loud.

"Find who?" Jonathan asked.

"The girl in the mountain," Dani replied. "I felt her die, but I’m certain she lives. But if she lives, and she left – wouldn’t she leave a sign? Something that would enable those who come after, to follow?"

"Did this mythical being know we would come looking for her?" Jonathan, ever pragmatic, asked.

"I don’t know," Dani admitted, feeling weak and defeated. "Sometimes I think I don’t know anything."

"I think you’re doing really good, if you don’t mind my saying," Jonathan grinned down at her. "You found the mountain and that launching platform that sez where ever’body went. You found me, and a little while ago you found our friggin’ boat."

"Maybe so," Dani admitted, "but after that, you found me in the water. How did you do that?"

"I dunno," Jonathan shrugged. "I just wondered where you were, and there you were. I think maybe we’re attached to each other – like soul mates, you know?"

A tired, exhausted laugh came from the bottom of the boat. Jonathan smiled as he heard it, knowing exactly how Dani felt.

"It’s almost morning," he suggested. "Fish’ll be bitin’, soon, so we may as well stay out here and see if we can catch something."

"Umm," Dani grunted pleasantly in reply. "How about you keeping me warm until the sun comes up…"

Jonathan smiled and clambered down onto the cold, damp floor of the boat to lie beside her.

New Beginnings - Pt 3 Ch 03